Traveling is all about experiencing a place that we go to. It is about interacting with the locals, trying out local cuisine, celebrating local festivals and exploring the off beat locations. We are here to help our travelers do just that. From staying at authentic homestays to discovering the hidden gems of each location, we help our travelers connect with the place like never before.


The Great Escape was established in 2016 by our founders who have a mountaineering experience of 6+ years. It is one of the rare adventure and travel company owned wholly by Women who left their comfortable jobs, defying the cliché of society, to embark on a journey that adds meaning to their lives each day, more and more, little by little. We are people working extensively to add experience to your excursion and travels. We wish to promote a healthier life by bringing people closer to nature and away from gadgets, in short, we are the Escape key that you have always been wanting to press from a long time.


We organise a range of events including extreme Himalayan expedition, backpacking trips, customised travels, short duration outdoor adventure activities and Family travel.

The Team

Jamila Kapasi

"Jammy" as we fondly call her has been trekking and backpacking all over India and neighboring countries for more than 10 years. Her favorite drink is tea, her most comfortable bed is under the stars and the mountains are her second home. Working earlier as an Interior designer, Jammy found her calling in the mountains and now she has been successfully leading and guiding teams on treks and expeditions for 8 years . If you are up for some tuneless karaoke and lots of singing, reach out to her

Jamila Kapasi

Reetu Yadav

Try to catch up to her pace on an uphill climb, I dare you, I double dare you. An accomplished mountaineer, Reetu's love for trekking and travelling started 8 years ago. From then onwards, she left her lucrative career as an electronic engineer and pursued her dream of travelling around the world. A good book, a campsite by the river and lots of dogs and puppies is what keeps her going. Don't forget to ask her to make a cup of masala chai and Maggi for you, it's delicious. 😃

Reetu Yadav

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